Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Week As A Tortured Soul Day 5 - Indianola, MS

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Into the van at about 9:30 and off for the almost 3 hour drive down to Indianola...arriving at The BB King Museum & Delta Interpretive Center

A wonderful venue located down a road off the main drag.  We arrived and were greeted by the staff with smiles.  Ms Verna Ransom was our main contact and she was called to come meet us and show us where the event would take place.

When the children, who are part of their summer camp, went outside for some playtime, the band set up their equipment.

Then, one group at a time, the children entered.  First the 8-year olds, then group two with the pre-teens and then the teens and finally, the 18 year olds.

Tas Cru, Sonny Rock, Dick Earl and Joe Goehle then spent the next hour playing some blues for the kids, with Tas giving them information about each song and reminding them that this music, America's music began in their backyards.

The kids clapped and danced and smiled and had a great time and then each group came up to have their pictures taken with the band with the prizes being who got to hold Tas' guitar and his cigar-box guitar.

During the event, the local TV station, WABG sent a camera person/producer.  He filmed some of the event and then he asked me some questions which he filmed.

He could not wait for the event to end, as they are a small station....well the story aired during the top 10 minutes of the 5:00pm News!  Very cool indeed! (even getting an on-air credit for Music On The Couch!)

Even the teachers & assistants wanted their photo-op!

Then after a little rest time at the motel, we headed to The Blue Biscuit (located right across the street from The Museum).  Run by Trish Berry, it is a very cool juke joint with excellent food, and a wonderful atmosphere.  Our bartender for the evening was Sarah and she was most excellent with a great smile!

The crowd was smallish - the Biscuit is not normally open on a Monday evening - but the folks were so happy with the performance of the band, Trish asked me to please bring them back for a weekend performance...we will Trish...we will!

Onward to Clarksdale and The Bluesberry Cafe!

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