Monday, January 24, 2011

01/24/11 T.J. Sullivan Sat On The Couch

T.J. Sullivan has played with some of the legends in the game including Paul Butterfield and Delaney Bramlett. He has played in bands big and small and now he is a solo act about to wing his way to memphis for the second year in a row.

After receiving feedback from last year's appearance as a duo, T.J. has gone out on his own and won the right to come to Memphis.

We talked about T.J.'s philosophy on music, his love of the fellow musicians he has gigged alongside and his vast collection of guitars - he is not a collector, since his guitars all get played!

We also listened to selections from his latest release Mud Island Lullaby, which he was inspired to write after being in Memphis last year.

T.J.'s segment begins at 46:35

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