Monday, February 7, 2011

02/7/11 IBC Winners - The Lionel Young Band Sat On The Couch

The 2011 International Blues Challenge ended on Saturday with the band and solo/duo champs being named. It was an incredible week of performances (some 275 of them) all along Beale Street. The last day in the Orpheum Theater was filed with incredible music, but none more incredible than the set turned in by the Colorado Blues Society entrant, The Lionel Young Band who were named 2011 BAND WINNERS!.

Thanks to my friend Heidi and her friend (and friend of the band) Honey, I was given the honor of being the first to have the band on for an interview.

Joining Lionel (vocals, violin, guitar), were drummer Jay Forrest, sax/harpist Dexter Payne and eventually, Bass player Kim Stone. Al the guys were in great moods (can you blame them) after their win and drive back to Colorado.

We got to discuss the week in Memphis, how they all felt about their competition, the blues scene in Colorado and also Lionel's adventure here in Memphis that almost prevented the band from playing in the semi-finals.

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