Monday, March 21, 2011

03/21/11 J.P. Corwyn Sat On The Couch

J.P. Corwyn plays rock and roll. His music is well crafted, his voice is huge and he is one hell of a guy.

JP and I sat on The Couch and discussed his life and career. Yes, we discussed his blindness, but only in the smallest terms, because it is JP as musician that interested me. Blind, one arm, red-headed (you have to listen to understand), it does not matter. What matters is the top grade sounds coming out of Florida and Mr. J.P. Corwyn.

Oh and my first guest that evening even came in and stayed with J.P. and I and J.P. also got a call asking if he was looking for a new muse.

Did he accept? Listen and find out!

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