Monday, June 27, 2011

06/27/11 Al Stone Sat On The Couch

Al Stone has been playing guitar for over 40 years and has been on the road for 30 or more sharing his music with fans throughout the USA and beyond.

He has now released the album I Want It All, which he recorded 15 years ago. All of this fueled by the internet and his fans getting the word out far and wide.

Al was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame and appointed Blues Hall of Fame Ambassador to Jacksonville, FL. in 2010.

Al and I sat and discussed his great career, his support for Operation Music Aid, whose goal is to help injured men and women in our military through music therapy.

Come take a seat and find out more about Al Stone on this episode of Music On The Couch.

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Al Stone said...

love what you have done thanks, lets do #2 interview, any time :) i will be releasing a new concert video and new CD soon be watching .

thanks to all
Al Stone