Monday, October 24, 2011

10/24/11 Tom Hambridge Sat On The Couch

Tom Hambridge began playing drums at 5 years old....

Played his first paid gig in the 5th grade...

Was writing songs as early as 6th grade...

And he has not stopped since.

Song writer, Producer, Drummer, Singer, he is the complete musician and he does them all very well.

Tom sat on The Couch and we talked about his illustrious career. Want to know which question I asked where Tom remarked "No one has ever asked me that and it is bringing back so many memories..."

Want to know about the tours he has done with so many fabulous bands?

Check out this interview...I had a fantastic time doing it!

OH and music from the album BOOM!

What more could you want?

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Tom has a music page on Facebook as well: