Monday, October 31, 2011

10/31/11 Kelly Carvin Sat On The Couch

How does a 20-something channel the sounds of the 60's inflected with a modern twist?

In Kelly Carvin's case it came from years of listening to the music from that era in her parent's home.

Kelly is a special artist with a solid skill at songwriting. her music is a delight to behold in this era of pop-formulated, auto-tuned music.

Kelly and I chatted about her journey so far and her desires to grow even larger in the business.

She has a drive that is not found in many these days and her next move it to take on the music business in Nashville.

We listened to songs from her debut, "Kelly Carvin and the Future" and with this interview, we saw a glimpse into her future.


Kelly Comes On At the 52:08 mark

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