Monday, November 7, 2011

11/7/11 Johnny Childs Sat On The Couch

Born into an Ultra-Orthodox Jewish family, but with an urge for creativity, Johnny Childs was a wild-child.

Leaving home at 15 and ending in a group home where, while watching Ralph Macchio in the movie Crossroads, he found an outlet for that creative need and the blues became his life.

Playing, writing, performing with a goal of landing that big record deal, Childs is a road warrior with a strong sense of self-preservation and promotion.

He spent 8 years chronicling this drive and the result of that is the movie The Junkman's Son, which has been submitted for a nomination in the 2012 Blues Music Awards.

His latest album has received wonderful reviews and Johnny was a great guest as we discussed his life and music and listened to three songs from the album Groove.



Johnny comes on at the 49:00 minute mark

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