Monday, January 16, 2012

01/16/12 JP Soars Sat On The Couch

JP Soars & The Red Hots won the Band Challenge at the IBC in 2009. Soars also individually won the event's Albert King Award, which established him as the best guitar player in the competition

JP Soars, is a musical melting pot, with influences from all genres of music, including heavy metal, which is where his professional career as a musician got it’s start.

I talked to JP about his career and the three visits he made to the IBC, eventually winning it all. He gave some advice to those going to the IBC regarding the rules and listening to others.

We also discussed his new project, Southern Hospitality, a band he is performing in with Damon Fowler and Victor Wainwright.

The music we heard came from his great album More Bees With Honey.

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