Thursday, February 9, 2012

2012 International Blues Challenge Shows

I do want to thank some people without whose help I would not have been able to put on the live remote shows this week:

Jay Sieleman, Executive Director and Joe Whitmer, Deputy Director of The Blues Foundation - For their acceptance of my proposal and support with logistics to get the shows done.

Robert Tooms, Jack Rowell Jr. and Leo Goff - For their constant encouragement and offers to lend equipment needed to get the shows done. Three fantastic musicians whose musicianship is only exceeded by their giving souls.

Carson Lamm, Vice-President and Director of Entertainment, River City Management - for giving me such access to the Rum Boogie Cafe Banquet Room and providing Internet access for the shows. Carson was also helpful with promotional materials.

The Staff At The Rum Boogie - Man, these guys were great on Tuesday when the internet went down and then all through the week, checking in to ensure all was going well. Joe, Kenny and the bartenders and guys ROCK!

Orpheum Theater - For the use of their internet and allowing me to broadcast from there on Saturday, even if the shows could not be broadcast.

The Musicians - Thank you for coming by and talking. Thank you for continuing to spread Blues Music to the world.

The Listeners - Without you, the show could not exist.

Finally and most importantly, my beautiful bride Nancy. Not only was I not home all this week, but for the last 9 months she has had to live with me working to put this all together; bouncing ideas off her, making suggestions, calming my nerves as the days drew closer and, as always, being my rock. I moved to Memphis 5+ years ago and found my Mississippi love soon after. Oh, and she is the one I forced to record the bumpers for the shows!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012 - 3pm-6pm Show

Guests on this show include:

Two Blue - Topeka Blues Society
Nick Hern Band - Topeka Blues Society
Bart Walker Band - Nashville Blues Society
Georg Schroeter & Marc Breitfelder - Solo/Duo Winners 2011
Gary Sellers Band - Long Island Blues Society
Arthur James - Granite State Blues Society
Paula Harris - The Golden Gate Blues Society
Trent Romens - Youth Showcase - MN Blues Society
Nathan A & Max RPM - Ozark Blues Society
Robert Tooms - Longtime Memphis Musician
Andy T - Nashville Blues Society Board Member
Helge Nickel - Baltic Blues Board Member


Wednesday, February 1, 2012 - 9pm-Midnight Show

Guests on this show include:

Blues Boy Willie & The Texas Blues Runners - San Angelo Blues Society
The Candymakers - Iowa Blues Society
Wendy DeWitt & Kirk Harwood - The Golden Gate Blues Society
Rachelle Coba - Wichita Blues Society
Dr. Don's Double Dose - Sydney Blues Society
Terry Lape - President Electro-Glide Record


Thursday, February 2, 2012 - 3pm-6pm Show

Guests on this show include:

Tullie Brae - Local musician
Dominic Benecasa - Daytona Beach Blues Festival
Fran Robert - Suncoast Blues Society
Daddy Mack Blues Band - Crossroads Blues Society of Rosedale, MS
Johnny Rieger Band - Baltic Blues
Big Daddy Wilson Duo - Baltic Blues
Pett Crow - Youth Showcase - Columbus Alliance
Jumpin' To The Westside - Youth Showcase - France Blues
Blues Dragon - South Florida Blues Society
Ghost Town Blues Band - Local Memphis Artists
Stacy Brooks - Sedalia Blues Society
A Ton Of Blues - Boston Blues Society
Johnny No - Gulf Coast Blues Society
John Stano - Grafton Blues Society
Michele Seidman - Woman In Blues


Thursday, February 2, 2012 - 9pm-midnight Show

Guests on this show include:

The Bush League - Nachel' Blues Network
Dicky James & The Blue Flames - Indiana Blues Society
Tom & Alex Clawson - Black Swamp Blues Society
Jenna & Her Cool Friends - Smokey Mountain Blues Society
Bobby Blackhat Band - River City Blues Society
JoE Fingas - Blues Society of NW Florida
Used Blues Duo - Sacramento Blues Society
Bleu Rascals - Youth Showcase - Philippine Blues Society
Memphis Cradle - NE Ohio Blues Association
Mike Bourne Band - Atlanta Blues Society
Tweed Funk - Grafton Blues Society
Poke Chop & Other White Meats - Maine Blues Society
Brian Keith Wallen - Cincy Blues Society
Ron Tanski - Santa Clarita Blues Society
Jason King Band - Reno Blues Society


Friday, February 3, 2012 - 3pm-6pm Show

Guests on this show include:

The Steepwater Band - Showcase Band
Mike & Lefty Feat. Chef - Finnish Blues Society
Kilborn Alley - Showcase Band
Bill "Swamp" Shaka & Tony - CT Blues Society
Tallan Noble Latz - Young Guitarist visiting Memphis
Jimmy & The Sleepers - Edmonton Blues Society
Lucy Hammond - Blues Singer from Portland here networking
Marco Marchi & The Mojo Workers - Geneva Blues Society
Aaron, Trey & Ian - Youth Showcase


Friday, February 3, 2012 - 9pm-midnight Show

Guests on this show include:

Heidi "Tuba Ho" Knochenhaur - IBC Judge/Blues Fan
Owen Poteat - Blue Ridge Blues Society
Ross Neilsen - Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival
Kajetan Drozd - T.B. King Blues Club (Poland)
Garrett "Big G" Jacobson - Oklahoma Blues Society
RB Stone - Kentucky Blues Society
Dawn Tyler Watson & Paul DesLauriers - Montreal Blues Society
Willie J Laws - Massachusetts Blues Society
Johnny Barbato & Luther Wamble - Gulf Coast Blues Society
Laura Vendetti - Founder & President Gulf Coast Blues Society


Monday, February 6, 2012 - IBC Wrap-up Show

Guests on this show include:

The WIRED! Band - Winners Band Challenge
Ray Bonneville - Winner Solo/Duo Challenge
Bart Walker - 2nd Place Band and Gibson Guitar Award Winner
Randy McQuay - Top Harmonica Player
Lefty Collins - Band Finalist
D'Mar & Gill - Solo/Duo Finalists
Taylor Scott & Another Kind Of Magick - Band Finalists
Ricky Stevens - Blues Foundation Board Member/Blues Fan
Plus callers telling their tales

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