Monday, March 19, 2012

03/19/12 Peter Parcek Sat On The Couch

Peter Parcek's journey as a musician began when the Vietnam War erupted and he graduated high school. With the blessings of his mother and the help of a family friend, he relocated to London, England, and found himself in the thick of the British blues explosion.

Eventually he was back in the states and continuing to play.

We talked about this situation and the many opportunities Peter had to 'study the masters' up close and personal, thus building the stylings he now crafts into music of his own.

Check out this interview to find out how Peter reacted when he got to meet Buddy Guy, what he hopes to accomplish over the next five years and why he decided to cover Bob Dylan on his new EP, Pledging My Time.

We listened to a song from the EP and two songs from the album Mathematics Of Love.



Peter's Segment Begins at the 52:30 Mark

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