Friday, May 25, 2012

Five On Friday - Jethro Tull

My friend Travis came up with this little ditty for Friday's. Pick a group, a theme, whatever and post 5 songs.

Sometimes he gives us prompts and we need to follow a thread. Sometimes he just lets us play like kids!

I have been doing this over at my main blog (, but with the growing success of Music On The Couch, I thought I would move this over to this site.

That is the case for this week and I decided to do a little Jethro Tull. Actually, I am working on a post for next week that will also include this band who took the world by storm with a skinny guy up front playing THE FLUTE!?!?!?!

Rock and Roll and A Flute!!!! Who woulda thunk it.

The band was originally comprised of Ian Anderson on vocals and Flute, bassist Glenn Cornick, guitarist Mick Abrahams and drummer Clive Bunker.

A bit of trivia...


Their first single was released in 1968, written by Abrahams and produced by Derek Lawrence, and called "Sunshine Day". On the label, the group's name was misspelled "Jethro Toe", making it a collector's item. "Sunshine Day" was unsuccessful.

So, are five Jethro Tull songs for your weekend..





Jamie White said...

Loved Ian Anderson and Jethro Tull. By the way the link you put up on Trav's site doesn't link properly. I had to go hunting for you.

Mike Golch said...
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Mike Golch said...

I fixed you link!
Aqualung has always been a fave of mine. thank for sharing the great tunes.and yes it took a little doing to get here as well. Happy memorial weekend.

Travis Cody said...

I've never really been much of a Tull fan, although I always appreciate a little innovation in my rock music.

As Jamie and Mike said, your link at Trav's Thoughts is broken. I put a new one on Mr Linky to direct everyone here.