Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday In Memphis-Part 3 and Five On Friday

Leaving the Hard Rock, I had two choices...a longer drive out east to Neil's and The Wampus Cats, or a few block drive to TJ Mulligans and Jack Rowell Jr and Triplthret...

The shorter drive won out and I was soon inside the club.

If you don't know Jack Rowell Jr, you can learn much more about him from his time on The Couch. He has been playing professionally since he was 17 and Blues legend, Albert King, once said about Jack, "He is one bad white boy who can flat sing and play the blues!"

This is one of the hardest working musicians I have ever met. He plays 6, if not 7 nights a week at a number of different venues around Memphis.

On Monday evenings, he and his band Triplethret, play at Southland Park, the local dog track and gambling establishment.  Jack is a full-time musician and is fully capable as a musican and entertainer to take on any gig offered.  On this night, they do LIVE MUSIC Karaoke for the patrons and it is a big draw.

Jack and the band can play Memphis soul, rock and roll, blues, R&B...whatever your heart desires. BUT, Jack has just finished a new album entitled "Sleeping With The Blues" and I am confident, given the correct release and distribution and PR you will be hearing about this wonderful guitar player soon. I have been lucky to hear the album - OH and if you listen to the interview with Jack, you can hear some early rough-cuts from the album!

On this night, Jack was doing his normal gig which includes calling any friend with talent up onto the stage throughout the evening. One big-a** jam is what it becomes!

By the time I got there, they were winding down for the night, but I spend about an hour listening and chatting with the many good friends I have garnered in The Thrilligans - which is what the crowd that follows Jack and his band around call themselves.  Thursday you will find a packed house at TJ Mulligans in East Memphis and you will also see some of the finest musicians in Memphis just coming in hoping to get a chance to play and Jack is the best MC throughout the night.

It was a fitting end to a wonderful night of music...I just need to get out to show love to The Wampus Cats real soon...promise.

Jack Rowell, Jr - 40+ years of playing

If you can play, Jack will give you a chance to jam...

So, what could be a better theme for this Five On Friday than some songs from the acts I saw that evening.  To make it fair to all three bands, we give you a SIX ON FRIDAY set...

REBA RUSSELL BAND: From The Album "8"
Reba Russell Vocals, Josh Roberts Guitars, Wayne Russell Bass, Robert Tooms Keyboards, Doug McMinn Drums
Almost A Memory - written by Wayne Russell with his first wife in mind
You Know My Love

THE BUSH LEAGUE: From The Album "Bush League Live"
JohnJay Cecil Vocals, Shane Parch Guitars, Royce Folks Bass, Gwen Fredrick Drums
I Gotta Woman

JACK ROWELL, JR.: New Album "Sleeping With The Blues"
Jack Rowell, Jr. Guitar and Vocals, Roy Howell Slide Guitar, Bill Marshall Drums, Doug McMinn Drums, Cedric Keel Drums, Leo Goff Jr. Bass, Steve Cobb Bass, Mark Ross Keys, Robert Tooms Keys and Harmonica, Teri "Sweet T" Rowell Vocals
Never Had It This Bad
Mississippi Man

Buy Their Music!
Reba Russell Band Music
The Bush League Music
Jack Rowell, Jr. Music (to come)

Hope y'all enjoyed this series, showcasing what a Friday night in Memphis is all about!

All words and Photos Copyright 2012VEMjr


Jamie White said...

Now that was a nice long set. I'll have to consider getting an account at some point.

Travis Cody said...

I couldn't listen to the Set. I'll have to come back this weekend and check out the websites of the musicians you featured.