Monday, July 23, 2012

07/23/12 Biscuit Miller Sat On The Couch

After honing his skills playing behind people like Lonnie Shields, Mojo Buford, Anthony Gomes and others, Biscuit Miller is out on the road working his latest album "Blues With A Smile" hard, but he is enjoying every last second of his time.

Biscuit called in from Maine as he was walking off stage from performing his music for a packed house.

WHAT A GUY! We had the best talk about his life and career. We corrected some bio information out in the public and Biscuit let us in on some great stories from his past.

Biscuit told us the story of the night at the BMA's as he waited to hear the announcement for the category of Instrumentalist - Bass, which he won, and then what occurred a short time later as he was driving to Florida...some great stories.

What you have to expect is a bunch of laughter, because as Biscuit have to smile!  

All the while we played music from Blues With A Smile his latest and heard some information about his next album...and Biscuit said he would bring it to The Couch when it is ready.



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Biscuit Miller's Segment Begins At The 43:18 Mark

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