Friday, August 17, 2012

Five On A Bluesy Friday

Back to sharing the Five On Friday sets originally thought up by my friend TRAVIS FROM TRAV'S THOUGHTS

Real simple pick five songs...pick a topic, pick a theme (or are they the same?) anyway...every so often Travis will give us a challenge...but most weeks, it is share five songs that may or may not have something in common.

This week, just some of the people I have had on Music On The Couch and who I believe are "Musicians You Should Know"...

Hope you agree and enjoy...



Off her latest, the title track
"Blood Red Blues"
Cee Cee James

Franc Robert & The Boxcar Tourists from their new album,
Mulligan Stew and "Let's Go Jukin'".


Mary Bridget Davies, from her latest album,
Wanna Feel Something and "Same Old Blues"

My boys, Victor Wainwright & The Wildroots,
from their performance at the Daytona Blues Festival and "Same Old Blues".

Not the same song...

The amazing Bernie Pearl.
This man not only plays it, he learned from the masters
and shares the history as well as anyone

1 comment:

Travis Cody said...

I really like Mary Bridget Davies. Great voice.