Friday, November 16, 2012

11/16/12 LIVE CONCERT Cee Cee James & Rob "Slideboy" Andrews

Knowing Cee Cee James and Rob "Slideboy" Andrews would be leaving the mid-south area and moving back to the Northwest, I had tried to set up a show in Memphis, but was unable to find a date.

Then Cee Cee called and asked if I wanted to host a webcast of a live performance by she and Rob at The Leslie Cafe in Leslie, Arkansas.

It took me about thislong to say yes. What you will hear is 2 45 minute sets with Cee Cee and Rob performing as a duo. Their high energy, soul seering, skin drenching blues in an intimate setting along with an open talk during their set-break. Enjoy!

The drop-out has been fixed in this version.



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FINALLY got to go through the pictures I took during the evening...enjoy, I think there are some good ones here...(all enlarge by clicking)





ghostom said...

Cee Cee and Rob, that was a great show last night. Thank you and Blues On! Hey Vinny, nice job on the sounds very good. The four (?) minutes of silence in honor of our Veterans is an interesting touch :)

Vinny "Bond" Marini said... ended up being 9 minutes...but I have edited it out and replaced the old version.

Thanks for listening!

DropZoneLeslie said...

Vinny, Thank you so much for bringing your show to Leslie, we thoroughly enjoyed it! We were honored to host you & Cee Cee & Rob at the Leslie Cafe..
Sandra & Tom
The Drop Zone & Buffalo River Blues Society

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Sandra and Tom, you guys have something special there...much luck..we need to talk about partnering