Monday, December 3, 2012

12/03/12 Davina Sowers Sat On The Couch

Davina Sowers is pianist and lead vocalist for Davina & The Vagabonds.

The Vagabonds are: Michael Carvale Vocals, Upright Bass, Alec Tackmann Vocals, Drums, Dan Eikmeier Vocals, Trumpet and Ben Link Trombone, vocals, and together they create a sound that makes you jump out of your seat to hit the dance floor.

Davina came and sat on The Couch to discuss her life and the road she took to get to be one of the most recognizable faces and voices out on the road today.

Is what they play the blues?  Well, Davina talks about that and so much more, while we listened to cuts from their latest album, Black Cloud.

Unfortunately, there was a few drop-outs from Davina's phone, but we pushed through them.


galleywench said...

Vinny, Davina is one of the most refreshing women out in the music world today! I just love this woman and her band! My grandson is a HUGE fan of hers. She dedicated a song to him at Papa Mojo's Roadhouse on his birthday last year. Something he'll always remember! Thank you so much for having her join you on the couch! I enjoyed it very much.

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Thanks Galleywench!Appreciate the feedback...