Monday, December 3, 2012

12/03/12 Tas Cru Sat On The Couch

Tas Cru's songs are blues poetry - telltale life lessons crafted with rare verbal flair and delivered with a power and passion the heights of which only the seasoned concert entertainer can reach.

I sat and talked with Tas about everything!

His growing up in upstate New York and playing with the older guys and listening to his uncle's old blues records...his time spent in Canada still learning his craft...why he picked up the cigar-box...the state of the blues...his participation in music programs in the schools around the country and so much more.

The whole time, we checked out cuts from Tired Of Bluesmen Cryin', his latest collection of stellar original tunes.



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Tas’ Segment Begins At The 108:30 Mark

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