Friday, March 8, 2013


Right, so it has been a tad over a month since the finals took place at the Orpheum Theater here in Memphis, TN

A superb week of interviews ended in a day of relaxing with friends and listening to some wonderful music by the finalists.

This is, by no means all of the acts who graced the stage that day.  Unfortuately, a week of little sleep and standing most of the days resulted in ym being dog-a** tired and I didn't do a great job focusing the camera...or maybe it was my eyes that would not focus! 

Anywho, I wanted to share what i could and am doing so now!

 Dan Treanor's Afrosippi Band Featuring Erica Brown
Colorado Blues Society

 Robbert Fossen & Peter Struijk
Dutch Blues Foundation

 Kevin Purcell & The Nightburners
Windy City Blues Society

 Little G Weevil
Atlanta Blues Society

 Matt Isbell - Ghost Town Blues Band
Crossroads Blues Society Of Rosedale

Michael Van Merwyk & BlueSoul
German Blues Network

 Mr. Sipp & Kinfolk
Vicksburg Blues Society

 Robert Sampson
Illinois Central Blues Club

 Salt & Pepper
Spa City Blues Society

 Steve Balkun
Connecticut Blues Society

 Selwyn Birchwood
Suncoast Blues Society

 Suitcase Brothers
Barcelona Blues Society

Suzie Vinnick
Toronto Blues Society

and then, sometimes things happen out of sheer luck...

This is an underexposed picture of
Castro Coleman from
Mr. Sipp & Kinfolk which, to me,
looks like he is made out of Neon Lights!

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