Monday, July 8, 2013

07/08/13 Erica Brown & Dan Treanor Sat On The Couch

Dan Treanor began playing guitar at 15 and learned the harp in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. Since then, his music has sustained him and entertained millions of fans.

Erica Brown has done Country, Punk, Electronica and Rock, but as she says "I came home to the blues"

In 2013, his band Dan Treanor's Afrosippippi Band with Erica Brown took 3rd place at the IBC.

On this evening Erica and Dan joined me to discuss their journeys in more detail as we checked out tunes from their great album Tangled Road Again.


Terri Robbins said...

Love your show, Vinny! One of these days I'll stay awake long enough to make live comments! Thanks for all you do for the blues! Keeping the Blues Alive, one interview at a time!

Showbookings said...

Thank you or podcast, I will take you listening any way i can! LOL