Monday, August 5, 2013

08/05/13 Mud Morganfield Sat On The Couch

During the BMAs, I met Mud Morganfield and told him since his younger brother had come on, it was time for him to join me on The Couch and he agreed immediately.

His album Son Of The Seventh Son has catapulted Mud to the top of many Blues Charts and earned him three BMA nominations.

We sat and discussed his growing up with his dad there very he felt about growing up in the projects of Chicago, why he waited until after "Pops" had passed to give music a real go and what he hopes to accomplish with each day.

We also talked about the album and his songwriting.

I have a number of copies of Son Of The Seventh Son and you can get one by leaving a comment here or sending me a PM on Facebook...let's see how many people read these!



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