Monday, September 30, 2013

09/30/13 Kids For The Blues

I want to tell you a story of three young ladies.

Their names are Kiley, Ava & Norah. (ages 8, 9 & 10)

You see about a month or so ago, these three young ladies were doing a little dancing at a local blues festival, and people started taking notice of them & handing them tips.

The girls decided they wanted to donate their earnings to the Blues Hall of Fame.

They have never performed a song, and they learned this in 2 days, performed it with Carson Diersing playing guitar (and with a lot of his instruction/guidance) they pulled it off, all in the name of the blues.

If you would like to help their cause, please donate to "RAISE THE ROOF" at and mention the Indiana Blues Society & "Kids For The Blues" with your donation.

Their parents would like to keep track of the $ they raise so they can let the girls know how much they've helped....

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