Monday, November 4, 2013

11/04/13 Mud Morganfield Came By To Chat About An Important Issue

The worst thing that could happen to a musician is to lose control of your music, your livelihood...This has happened to Mud Morganfield and he stopped by to discuss this issue.

he also wanted fans to know that he will not sign a copy of the album in question "Blues Is In My blood" and, though it makes him sad to turn down a fan, he feels compelled to not give credence to this illegal album.

Listen and hear how much it hurts this incredible musician.


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Mud's Segment Begins At
The 1:06:15 Mark

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HAAKIE48 said...

The Record Company that has released Mud Morganfield BOOTLEG Blues is in my Blood is called Avenue Music in Belgium not the Nederlands.
Mud's friend from England Dave Tothill.
Vinny thanks we will get this guy Giles Robson from the Dirty Aces one day who sold this Cd to the Belgium record company.