Monday, December 9, 2013

12/09/13 Deb Ryder Sat On The Couch

Deb Ryder has been soaked in the blues her entire life.

 Growing up in Chicago, her dad was a singer on the scene. When the family moved to LA, her neighbor was Bob Hite from Canned Heat and her step-dad owned the Topanga Corral which featured the likes of Canned Heat, Big Joe Turner, Etta james and more.

 Deb and I talked about that time and how Bob Hite was her guide to the Blues, selected albums from his incredible selection for her to listen to.

Deb would take the stage between acts at the Corral to sing and play and we also discussed her meeting her husband and how that allowed her to rediscovered the blues.

We checked out tunes from the debut album Might Just Get Lucky, which i beleive Deb will do!



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