Monday, December 9, 2013

12/09/13 NEW MUSIC from Victor Wainwright

So excited, Victor Wainwright has a new album, Family Roots, a double album that pays tribute to those in his life who have allowed him to grow to where he is now.

With his dad and granddad on one album, exploring the music of the two elder Wainwrights and his touring band of Billy Dean on drums, Nick Black on guitar and Will Hanlon on bass on the second album there is also a sprinkling of a few other musicians from Victor's 'family'.

Ah the road life! Victor was on his way back from Florida to Memphis and found himself in an area with little or no cell coverage, so for his segment, I became a DJ and spun tunes from the album.

He did get to call in for a short chat in between Dan and Deb, so check out both time marks for Victor Wainwright!



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