Monday, June 23, 2014

06/23/14 Carmen Grillo Sat On The Couch

Carmen Grillo spent many years with the legendary Tower Of Power and is currently performing with Sons Of Champlin.

But A Different World is all Carmen.

A Different World, released near the end of 2013 is chock full of blues rock with touches of jazz thrown in and Carmen has enlisted many of those he has played alongside over the years to bolster his songs.

12 tracks, 4 of them instrumental, the album mixes originals and covers seamlessly.

Carmen and I discussed his career, of playing with many wonderful artists over the years and now working on his solo career as he continues to foster the careers of many through his studio in California.

We also checked out some of the music on A Different World while we chatted.



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Carmen’s Segment Begins At The 127:20 Mark

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