Thursday, July 24, 2014

My Week As A Tortured Soul Day 7 - Wednesday In Houston

Looooonnnnggggggggg drive to Houston.  Took us 11 hours to get here.

Then Sonny, Dick, Joe and I go to the wrong house and the door is opened by this young girl who looks shocked and fearful of these four road worn guys!

We ask for Boyd and she is clueless and says "wait a minute"  The door closes and a few minutes later mom comes to the door to tell us we are at the right number, but the wrong street!

Thankfully firearms were not involved.  We start to walk down the path and see a guy waving at us from about 4 houses down... Hoping it is Boyd we walk toward him...YES! it is Boyd Bluestein, who along with his bride Pam are hosting a dinner party for us and also allowing the four of us to sleep in their home (Tas had other accommodations so he could be across form the hospital for the next morning).

None of us have ever met, but this is what The Blues are all about!

We go inside to meet everyone there...besides the Bluesteins, Tiffany & Kyle Soltis (owners of Shakespeare's Pub), Valerie & Glyn Westcott (he is now President of the Houston Blues Society), Rich & Lisa & Rich DelGrosso (he, of course, the spectacular Mandolin player, who WILL be taking his long-overdue seat on The Couch in September!) and SURPRISE SURPRISE , Annika Chambers and her friend CC (Conissiah Simon)

.. Annika told Boyd not to tell me she would be here!

What a great night of food and lively chat...By the end of the night I felt like I had known each and every person there for years!

Oh, the food... I mean THE FOOD!  venison sausage, three types, the spicy one was my favorite!  Then spaghetti with venison meat gravy, fried venison back-strap... a wonderful garden salad and an asian salad...garlic bread and for dessert Boyd made a berry and apricot dish covered in pecans!  OH My...we had also brought an assortment of small pastries, little cheesecakes and eclairs and the like..


And I just realized there is not one picture of Rich in the bunch...but in my defense...I don't know if I stopped eating the whole time!
Leaving Mississippi 
Into Arkansas
Seems to be a casino at EVERY river crossing!

The Mighty Mississippi River

Hello Houston!

Would like to see a ballgame here one day!

The Dinner Party At The Bluestein's
The spicy sausage - YUM!

Milder version - still YUM!

Lisa serving it up for Tiffany

Tas, Annika & Kyle

 Pam introducing Joe to one of her pups

Valerie grabbing some salad, while Boyd & Glyn 
solve workd problems!

Sonny... chowing down

 Glyn, Annika & I
Funny we matched colors so well without even knowing!

Pam with all her pups
Treat time!

We all thank Pam & Boyd for their incredible generosity...they even insisted we hang at their home when we got done with the Hospital on Thursday and before the performance at Shakespeare's Pub!

More on those adventures coming up!

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