Monday, May 21, 2012

05/21/12 Sista Monica Sat On The Couch

Monica Parker affectionately known as Sista Monica Parker "the lioness of the blues", recently gained national TV placement of her music on the Fox channel. Her original song "Show Me What You're Working With" was on the hit show So You Think You Can Dance finale show August 11, 2011.

Her latest album Living In The Danger Zone was also nominated for Sista Monica's Fourth Blues Music Award.

Sista Monica came and sat on The Couch and we explored her long, successful career.

She discussed the situation coming out of her battle with cancer and how it impacted her music.

We listened to music from the album and after the interview was over Monica stated to me "You are a great interviewer. You had me thinking of things I had not thought of in years."

Find out those things by listening.

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