Wednesday, May 16, 2012

2012 Blues Music Awards

The Blues Foundation did one hell of a job last Thursday presenting the Blues Music awards.

Congrats to all involved including the volunteers who work so dang hard.

Over the three days, I was involved in some great times.

Wednesday evening at Rum Boogie Cafe, The Memphis Blues Society held the Rattlebone Jones All-Star Jam to raise money in conjunction with RAISE THE ROOF! to build the Blues Hall of Fame in Memphis at the home of the Blues Foundation.

We were able to raise over $1,300.00 and all involved should be congratulated.

Vincent hayes, Dave Keller and Vince Johnson joined the band to lend a hand during the Jam.

Then Davina & the Vagabonds put on a rousing set of music as always.

Finally Nick Moss and his band took the stage to play and afterward Nick ran a jam that lasted until the wee hours.

ALL photos should enlarge with a click

Leo Goff & Matt Isbell

Jeremy Powell(keys), Suavo (trumpet), Charles Campbell (sax)

Leo & Vincent Hayes

Vince Johnson, Leo, Vincent




Nick Moss

Michael Ledbetter

A) The Three aVgos
B) Three degrees of Vincent

Vincent Hayes, Vinny Marini, Vince Johnson

On Thursday evening the music flowed all night and well, heck-a-doodle, even though I had my camera, I hardly took any photos!

Sugar Ray Norcia & Bob Corritore

Mighty Mojo Prophets with Big Pete

Nick Black, Victor Wainwright & Stephen Dee - The Wildroots!

Chefjimi Patricola & Vincent Hayes

Brandon Santini & girlfriend Pam

Then Friday afternoon I got to see Peter Parcek play some at the Rum Boogie with Greg Gumbel playing bass guitar for him, before heading to the Tap Room for the inaugural Beale Street mess Around, which I had been asked to MC.

JT Lauritsen, Brandon Santini and Victor Wainwright led a solid band that included Jeff jensen and Greg Gumbel on guitars, Leo Goff and Dave "Groove" Parker on bass and Jumpin' James Cummingham and John Grimsby on drums.

There was also some great vocals from Redd Velvet and Shari Puorto.

Peter Parcek & Greg Gumbel


Vincent Hayes said...

Great shots Vinny! Man, what a great time eh? Really enjoyed hanging with you brother! Keep up the great work you are doing for we musicians!

Anonymous said...

Good work, Vinny!

Dave Keller said...

Hey Vinny,

Glad we got to meet in person finally. Nice photos! Looking forward to hanging out again soon, I hope. Take care,

Dave Keller

Travis Cody said...

It doesn't seem right that there isn't a blues HoF already in Memphis. Glad to see the effort to build one.

ppguitar said...

thanks so much vinny!