Monday, June 11, 2012

06/11/12 Johnny & Mike From The 44s Sat On The Couch

The 44s are a Los Angeles-based band who play blues-roots-rock music.

The band consists of Johnny Main on vocals and guitar, Tex Nakamura on harmonica, bassist Mike Turturro and drummer J. R. Lozano.

On this night, Johnny and Mike joined me to discuss their lives and careers and the band they have been a part of for 4 years.

Johnny spoke of how he and his dad bargained for his first guitar and Mike told us about playing with his dad's band when he was 14.

They were great discussing the way The 44s came about and their philosophies on the music scene in LA and around the country.

We also got to hear three songs from Americana, a wonderful homage to the great blues players of the past who the band respect.



The 44s Segment Begins At The 48:20 Mark

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