Monday, June 11, 2012

06/11/12 Juke Joint Jonny Sat On The Couch

Juke Joint Jonny is a Blues man, band leader, singer, songwriter and historian.

Born in Newark, New Jersey in 1950, he was introduced at a very young age to the “Folk Blues” by sharecroppers who moved North and shared their music and culture in the ethnically diverse neighborhood of his youth.

Jonny is one of those guests where the history is not complete. What was he doing for the last 20 years or so?

Obviously he was playing can't be as good as he is and not paid your dues.

During our talk, I was able to get Jonny to talk about going to Vietnam, spending time in Europe and his journey around the USA during that time.

We also heard cuts from his album Pure and Simple which dropped the next morning.

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