Monday, June 25, 2012

06/25/12 JT Coldfire Sat On The Couch

JT Coldfire has played professionally for over 15 of his 31 years from Texas to New York and across the pond in Europe.

Throughout his career, JT has gained the reputation as one of the hardest working musicians in Austin, sometimes playing 3 shows in a single evening never repeating the same song twice for over 9 hours of live performance.

I got to sit and chat with JT about his life and career.

We poke about his desire from an early age for all things with strings.

He described the challenge his brother gave him that involved a Stevie Ray Vaughn album. A challenge JT completed, but not until after the untimely death of his brother.

JT talked about his latest album Always and Never and where the title came from and how it resonates in his life. We also heard music from that album.

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