Monday, July 2, 2012

07/02/12 The Strata-Tones Sat On The Couch

The Strata-Tones describe their music as "Down in the alley Rhythm & Blues. Take no prisoners. No one gets out without feeling the groove."

Their album, Dressed Up To Fess Up is chock full of tight, hard music and powerhouse vocals as you would expect from a partnership of veterans who have come together and found the groove which each member had searched to find.

At one point Valerie Johnson, lead vocalist and guitarist and vocalist Bruce Krupnik were going to join me.

Then I heard the entire band would be a their rehearsal studio so we also had Kevin McCracken (Harmonica and Vocals), Ken Burton (Keyboards), Wil Anderson (Fender Bass) and Rick Pittman (Drums) joining me and what a great time we all had.

The band told of their lives from childhood and the music played in their homes, which influenced them later in life.

We discussed their debut album, Dressed Up To Fess Up, and spoke about a few of the songs on the album.

Do you know what "T.W.F.S.", one of the songs on the album, stands for? Well, listen in and find out!

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