Monday, January 14, 2013

01/14/13 George & Bruce From 2Blu Sat On The Couch

Then Bruce Andrews and George Dudley will take their seats on The Couch to discuss their multiple journeys to the IBC as the solo/duo act 2Blu and as their band 2Blu & The Lucky Stiffs.

Though I was mistaken and they had not won in 2004, they did make the finals in 2008 with their band The Lucky Stiffs, and Bruce tells us why they probably did not win, as George cowers in the corner!

They broke big news about three songs on their latest band album, Goin' Fishin' and promised we would Premier the newest project later this year.

Will they be coming back to another IBC...listen and hear the answer!


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2Blu’s Segment Begins
The 54:50 Mark


gdudiv said...

hear me as I start gigling withing the first 15 seconds of this great interview..... I'm trying to contain my joy - nah - really I'm waiting for the punch line.... he he

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

That being I messed up on your WINNING the darn thing!