Monday, October 21, 2013

10/21/13 Sugaray Rayford Sat On The Couch

Sugaray Rayford began singing and playing drums in chrch at the age of 7.

He did not begin singing R&B and Blues until about 14 years ago in San Diego and he has not stopped since.

He is currently the lead vocalist for The Mannish Boys, but he has also just released Dangerous, his new album.

Sugaray and I sat and talked about his life, full of twists and turns and how he began singing non-secular and how it has changed his life.

Of course, we enjoyed songs from Dangerous throughout the chat.



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Sugaray's Segment Begins At
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Terri Robbins said...

Lovin' this episode, Vinny, especially your interview with Phil Gates. Love ya, dude! Keep on keep 'dem blues alive!