Monday, March 31, 2014

03/31/14 Ken "Sugar Brown" Kawashima Sat On The Couch

Ken "Sugar Brown" Kawashima was born in Bowling Green Ohio. His attachment to the Blues came while he studied at the University of Chicago by day and prowled the blues clubs at night, backing artists such as Taildragger and "Big Eyes" Smith.

He now lives in Toronto, and his latest album is entitled Sugar Browns Sad Day.

How did the blues find this classically trained Sugar says "It was a moment..."

What drew him to the clubs in Chicago?

How did he meet Taildragger and what did he learn from him as they played together?

What is Sugar's desires for this year?

If he had to make a choice between a big date and teaching his classes, which would he select?

Sugar answers all of this and more during his time on The Couch, while we also check out his album, which transports you back to 1950's Chicago and Chess Records.



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Sugar’s Segment Begins
At The 52:16 Mark

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