Wednesday, May 14, 2014

2014 BMA Pictures

On Facebook I gave my thanks to many who helped this 2014 BMA Week a reality to me...a few people who helped are not even on Facebook, but are very important to me and have been for years.

Now comes picture time...I am somewhat disappointed that I did not get pictures with some people and due to my Hosting Duties, I didn't get many at the Beale Street Mess-Around...

Note To Self - Next year hand the camera to someone and ask them to do the job!

But then again, there are thousands of photos all over Facebbok...

With that said...and away we go...

Wednesday, May 7

Rum Boogie Cafe
Sunday Wilde US CD Release Party

 Little Bobby

 Sunday & Reno Jack
this had to be a B/W one

Sunday Wilde
Even with fast shutter speed, could not
capture her right hand!

King's Palace
Amy Hart Band

Tas Cru joins Amy on stage

Amy Hart & Tas Cru & me
COUCH KID times Two!

Rum Boogie Cafe
Vizztone Showcase

Janiva Magness & Bob Margolin

E.g. Kight & Lisa Biales

Lisa Biales
"Blues Is Supposed To be Fun"
Lisa was watching Bob do this...

Little G Weevil

Meanwhile...Upstairs in the new FUbar
at Rum Boogie...the best kept secret of the night

 Gracie Curran
This lady just LOVES to entertain!

 If she comes near you
RUN don't walk to see her

 Kelly Walker, Greg Gumpel & Josh Roberts
I didn't know Kelly could sing and she CAN!

Victor Wainwright
Winner Pinetop Perkins Piano Player 
For the second year in a row!
These three are a part of some of the most memorable music 
nights I have had in Memphis, TN

Thursday, May 8
Blues Music Awards
In no particular Order

 Beth Hart 
An emotional performance
How have I not had this woman on?
THAT will be rectified!

 Bobbie Burks
She is one incredible lady
Her husband Michael is a COUCH KID

 Brandon Santini
He had a tough slot on the evening
yet, just came out and ripped it up!
Great job by the entire band
2 BMA Nominations:
Harmonica and
Contemporary Blues Album

 Doug MacLeod
Won BMA for Best Acoustic Artist and 
Best Acoustic Album
His acceptance speech was from the heart.

 Dave Keyes
BMA Nomination
Pinetop Perkins Piano Player

 Gracie Curran
BMA Nominated 
Best New Artist

James Cotton
Winner BMA
Best Traditional Male Artist

Brandon Santini and Jeff Jensen
Ripping It Up!

Little G Weevil
BMA Nominated Acoustic Artist 

Kids For The Blues
Kiley, Ava & Norah
Love these young ladies!

John Nemeth
Winner Soul Blues - Male

That starts with T and Rhymes with B
and that stands for BLUES!
Tas Cru, Sonny Rock, Meg Ferrel Ramos


Rum Boogie Cafe
Tas Cru Performance

 Annika Chambers joins Tas and the band

 Annika, Dennis Gruenling, Me
COUCH KID times two

Mick Kolassa, Eric Boyd, Tas Cru 

 RB Stone, Sonny Rock, Nick Hern, Tas Cru

Tas Cru

Just an incredible time

Thanks to everyone who made it so!

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