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My Week As A Tortured Soul Day 3 - Oxford Blues Festival Day 3

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Three letters for three days of sensational music...incredible people and tons of smiles.

Day three at The Oxford Blues Fest began with Ms Effie Burt & The Three Hour Tour Band.  Don't know the name Effie Burt...go click on her name and find out more. A fantastic vocalist who opened the night and stuck around for the rest of the day to sing a little Etta James with Mr. Sipp and his band.

Effie has retired from the corporate world and her goal now is to keep Etta alive.  Watch for her project and when it is ready, she will be Sitting On The Couch to talk about it.

Next up were The Zediker Boys.  Matthew (16) & Charlie (12), who were accompanied by Andrew "Cadillac" Funk and James Dagel.  

They also took the stage throughout the afternoon with Silas Reed N'Da Books and with Cadillac Funk.

These two young men are very talented and, if you are at the IBC in 2015, you just might see them during the youth showcase.  They did a few originals and also played some of Andrew's music...Well done, the Blues are alive in our youth!

The crowd early in the day...settling in for a full day of music!

On Friday, Silas Reed played solo for the crowd at  The Corner bar.  Today he showed up with his full band, Silas Reed N' Da Books,  and they brought some Bluesy Funky Sounds to the Walton-Young House stage.

As Mick Kolassa said on Friday and I posted yesterday...REMEMBER THE NAME.  He has a voice, is a great songwriter and he commands the stage...

Look Gracie Curran...NO SHOES!

Zach Tillotson & Cameran Kimbrough began playing together a year ago...what a pair! And add Jesse Lait to the mix on bass...and you have Hill Country Blues!  

Oh, yes, Cameran is part of the Kimbrough Family royalty and he plays drums like his life depends upon it...GREAT STUFF!

Adam Gussow & Alan Gross are both professors at the University Of Mississippi.  Individually, they have both been playing music for over 30 years, from the streets of New York to performing with some of the great Mississippi Bluesmen and women.

Together they are The Blues Doctors and they will play you some deep delta blues or they will take songs lie Sunshine Of Your Love and even Tequila and blues them up!

Check out the show this Friday when they join me in Texas and you can hear their newly recorded version of The Champs classic Tequila!

Cadillac Funk then played their set, and did their rolling and thundering and funky blues, horns and all!

Crowd continued to grow as the day went on... this is not a huge festival, but those that attend are true Blues Fans...I know there were people from Texas and Alabama in attendance...

Next up was Big Joe Shelton...Had never met the man before, but what a gentleman he is.  We discussed bringing him to take a seat on The be on the look-out for an announcement on that in the coming weeks.

Then it was time for the closing act...Mr Sipp, The Mississippi Blues Child! I have been a fan since seeing him in one of the clubs on Beale Street during the 2013 IBC and then when he came up to see me during my live webcasts, and on the final stage that year.

This past year, they took first place in the Band Challenge and they have been touring ever since...OH except when Mr Sipp and a couple of other band mates were cast in the new movie about James brown, entitled Get On Up, which releases soon.

I always love seeing Sipp and the band and Ms Kim Horton & Ms Felicia "BigBaby"Nathaniel!

Mr Sipp, Kimberley and me before the show!

And getting to introduce the band was an honor, can't wait to do it again next Saturday at Tall City!

How can you not!?!?!?!

Just a fantastic weekend.  
Thanks to Darryl Parker for allowing me to be a part 
of this cool event.  
To Mick Kolassa for all he does for the event and 
for just being a friend.  
To Key West Chick for hanging with me and 
making me laugh.
Great seeing Brian LaPrade...dude you rock t
he new look!
To all the bands who allowed me to bring them 
onto the stages.
To the fans all weekend..thanks for letting me the 
Conductor on Your Blues Train Weekend
Special shout-out to Cedric Williams who was
brilliant with the sound all weekend ensuring all
the bands sounded great!
And finally...To my bride Nancy Marini for just 
being you...I love you

My week as a Tortured Soul continues today when Tas and 
the Tortured Souls and Nancy and I 
go out for some dinner..and then the trip really begins 
on Monday as we head for Indianola and the 
BB King Museum & Delta Interpretive Center

Hope you stick with me along this journey!

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