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My Week As A Tortured Soul Day 2 - Oxford Blues Fest Day 2

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SO, the rain forced Day 2 of the Oxford Blues Fest inside and the cool owners of The Corner Bar (Hudson & His Partner...forgot his dang name!) were cool enough to let the Fest use their bar.

Deal was, the music had to stop by 9:30pm, because they had an EDM (electronic dance music) DJ coming in for the younger crowd...but things don't always end up as do they???

So the day began with Libby Rae Watson on the stage putting her heart and soul into her songs and tell some stories along the way.

A great start to the day.

Silas Reed then came up as a solo act.  He and his band, Silas Reed n' da Books are performing on Saturday, Mick Kolassa turned to me and said. "This guy can be a star" and over the next 45-50 minutes I became convinced.  A great voice, skillful guitar player and I guess he also plays keyboards.

Then, after a little stage manipulation, my good friends The Eric Hughes Band took the stage.  Eric Hughes, Walter Hughes, Brian Aylor & Leo Goff brought that Memphis Blues they are so well known for to Oxford, MS

And those in attendance were very grateful for it.

Then the ever fantastic, Ms Redd Velvet joined Eric and the boys to sing, teach and amaze...all the things she does whenever she takes a stage...This woman NEEDS to be on Festival stages around the globe!

Redd ended her time by honoring Mr. James Govan, a Memphis music legend who has played on Beale St at The Rum Boogie Cafe more nights than anyone else, I believe.  A true loss to Memphis Music.

Mick Kolassa jumped on stage and sang a tune with Ms Velvet

I mentioned yesterday that good friend Hill Mossor had brought his son Dylan to his first Blues Festival...Dylan dug most of it..maybe not all of it, but he had a grand time hanging with dad

And this will will get me in trouble... Ms Donna Criswell the official photographer for the event is one of those who likes to be behind the camera...well I snuck this one of her...had to do it quickly, so it is not the best, but for the best in photography, check out Donna Criswell Photography

We had a small but enthusiastic crowd and I promised them, if they came over to they could see themselves... HI GANG!

Final act for Day 2 was Tas Cru & his Tortured Souls.  Now remember,, they were told 9:30 ... DONE
At one point Mick said to me "You know you are doing well when the bar owner says play all night"  Honestly, I didn't get it until I saw Mick tell Tas, THE BAR OWNER ACTUALLY SAID THAT!  
They told their DJ not to come in and hired Tas and the band to play the whole night!

Now, understand.. the crowd changed over quickly to 20-somethings ... the guys in their polo shirts and the girls decked out in short shorts (AND I MEAN SHORT), fancy outfits, high heels (OK, so that wasn't so bad) and they were expecting EDM DJ...

They came in and STAYED... the dance floor did not get filled, but they were moving...and smiling and applauding for the music 

Seriously, I had at least 6-10 guys come up to tell me that "Your guys are killing it man" ... how did they know I was with the band..bwahahaahahahahahahahahaahahahahaaaaa

and the place got more and more packed to where you could hardly move, no less dance.. and they shouted and whooped and hollered... and the bar owner Hudson said, it was an experiment AND IT WORKED!

That guy in the back wants to be just like Sonny when he grows up!

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