Friday, July 18, 2014

My Week As A Tortured Soul Day 1 - Oxford Blues Festival Day 1

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Day one of this adventure was opening night of the OXFORD BLUES FESTIVAL

Mother Nature spit on us on and off throughout the evening, but nothing horrible.

Opening night was THE JEFF JENSEN BAND, Bill Ruffino on bass, Robinson H. Bridgeford on drums and Jeff Jensen on guitar and vocals.

As always, they put everything into their two sets playing to the small crowd like it was a 10,000 person audience.

Mick Kolassa joined them for two songs, his incredible version of "The Letter" and a song that, as Mick explained "has been around for 80 years and I have been singing for 40 years"...the most enjoyable "Reefer Man."

I got to meet Adam Gussow, from The Blues Doctors who will performing on Saturday and also at TALL CITY BLUES FEST next week...

Also in attendance, Tas Cru, Sonny Rock, Dick Earl Ericksen, Joe Goehle (otherwise known as Tas Cru & The Tortured Souls), Brian LePrade, Gina Hughes from The Galaxie Agency, Hill Mosser and his son Dylan, Mick Kolassa and Molly Kolassa and their granddaughter Abbey Rose and Key West Chick (Donna Criswell) rocking the photos!

Hope I didn't forget someone!

Today, the festival has been moved inside due to a constant rainfall that began early this morning and is expected to last all day. Fingers crossed the weather report for Saturday is accurate and we will be back outside.

Festival organizer Darryl Parker worked the phones for a while to get the new venue set up...well done Darryl

Here are some photos of the evening...

Love being a sponsor for the festival!
See me - lower right!

Very cool stage for a show...before it began spritzing

 Sun still out - well, it was cloudy...

This guy is one bad-a** bass player
Bill Ruffino
Oh and he is also one of the nicest guys
you will ever meet

Jeff, just warming up

Robinson H. Bridgeforth - 
The Sex Symbol of The Jeff Jensen band 
had to Robinson...I had to!

Jeff in action throughout the evening

Mick Kolassa "The Letter"

Mick "Reefer Man"

Me doing closing announcements and Jeff
working on his selfie (with friend) talents!)

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mrnatchcdl said...

Great start to the Oxford Blues Festival,Vinny!!! If Mother Nature ain't cooperatin', The Talent gracin' the stage will provide the Sunshine, I do believe!! Party On!!!